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CCF Spring

Cloughjordan community farm – spring growth Pat and the volunteers have been working hard through the winter, and with the arrival of spring the world has turned green once again; the trees are budding, the flowers are showing their faces to the sun as it peeks through the cloudy skies, awaiting the precious sunlight and sweet, cool rainfall. A new photo gallery is in the future of the CCF website, or so we hope, so keep a watch out for that when it arrives! As always, if you would like to become a member, there are further details available on the membership page.

Bye bye Raquel!!Thank you for the EVS Blog and videos! Raquel, Goi, Juan Carlos and Pricilla and all EVS students and Woofers of 2016-2017(I don’t have all the names right now..) The students did amazing work throughout the year and left a legacy of vegetable for members to enjoy right up to the end of the year. Raquel kept a Blog page live while here and you can see all the work they did and some great photos – here May on the farm: http://evs-cloughjordancommunityfarm.blogspot.ie/ You can find Raquels personal ongoing Blog page here https://raqueldafouzeng.wordpress.com Watch all the great videos Raquel made of work on the farm 2017 here:    

Farm Newsletter

Click here to download This month is now showing hints of Spring: hedges and trees are starting to sprout buds, even some daffodils are appearing….and whilst it is not our most productive sewing and planting month, our peppers and tomatoes have already gone into the tunnels and large amounts of onions have been sewn into trays. Other mainstay crops will follow soon and the next issue will go into more detail on crop planting. A new Polytunnel is going up, to increase propagation and provide more planting room- see Goi’s update on this tunnel on p.5 ; recipes to use up our root veg before we move onto lighter recipes for Spring appear on p.10 and an article on our Pigs follows this. Getting to the Root of it: some facts on our Farm Pigs By Raquel Dafouz Last week, while some of our neighbours from Cloughjordan watched and with…

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Just some of the harvest this Spring / Summer: Salad Greens, mild and spicy Arugula/Rocket Scallions Tomatoes Kale – 3 varieties Baby chard Broccoli Courgettes Cucumbers and Gherkins – The pale cucumbers are a variety that are very easy to digest. Potatoes Garlic   Herbs Mint Dill Parsley Basil Green Coriander seeds

Details of our harvest are published in our quarterly newsletter, written by Eileen Brannigan; Click on the following the links to the Farm Newsletter plus a Farm Update;      Farm News   (Issue 1)      Farm News 2 (Issue 2)      Farm Update

Its finally Summer and this month gave us plenty of sunshine and we can see the growth of plants almost overnight. The crops are looking real good, and the stores are already plentiful with new lettus, spring onions, kale, Spinach and much more on the way..