What does being a Member of Cloughjordan Community Farm mean?


By being a member, making consistent fixed payments, you are;


  • Availing of nutritionally dense vegetables, unavailable anywhere else.
  • Creating Food Security – making local jobs to provide you with food for now and into the future.
  • Creating Food Sovereignty – by saving a lot of our own seeds we are independent of Large Seed Companies.
  • Reducing your waste packaging – bring and reuse your own bags.
  • Reducing the mileage your food travels to your plate.
  • Able to have access to high quality seasonal produce 7 days a week.
  • Able to choose what you want and the amount that suits your needs.
  • Supporting others in your community who need to pay a reduced rate.
  • Nourishing the children of your community, as kids go free.
  • Able to appreciate and stock up on the abundant times – pickle, dry or freeze for later in the year.
  • Balance out farm – treating your dinner guests throughout the year, with your annual holidays.
  • Connect with Community – come and volunteer on the farm, the Board, the Co-ordinating body or just celebrate with us at our different events.
  • Get reduced rates on, eggs and meat in 2016.
  • Supporting biodiversity which is abundant and cherished on our farm.
  • Supporting the educational aspect of the farm – EVS volunteers, school and college visits, work placements, woofers, farm tours.
  • Enabling the workshops, demonstrations and celebrations to take place on the farm, e.g. Horse Ploughing Events
  • Able to have your say in how the farm is run.
  • Supporting micro businesses which are supported by the farm – Bee hives, apple pressing, eggs. Maybe herbal teas and tinctures in the future?

To join, download our membership application form click here

Membership rates are calculated based on household size..

Monthly Rate:
€69.33 per adult per month

And children go free!

(*Membership fees correct as at 01 June, 2016)

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