Welcome to Cloughjordan Community Farm

Cloughjordan Community Farm is a member-owned farm on the Tipperary Offaly border using biodynamic and organic farming methods, we aim to produce the highest quality, nutritionally dense vegetables, while also reducing the environmental impact of producing this food.  Since we started in 2008, we’ve been supplying fresh produce daily to over 70 households in the area. The money gathered from members is used to pay our farmers a salary, to purchase seeds and equipment and to lease the land we farm. Everything that comes off the land then belongs to the members. Members also have free or low cost access to all of our training and educational events. Our primary goal is to provide the most nutritionally complete vegetables and fruit possible. Vegetables grown in healthy, nutrient rich soil taste amazing! ..this makes being a part of Cloughjordan Community Farm a unique experience, as members are directly connected to the source of … Continue reading Welcome to Cloughjordan Community Farm