SpeakEATsy at Savour Kilkenny

SpeakEATsy at Savour Kilkenny

SpeakEATsy at Savour Kilkenny

A convivial evening featuring a Night Orchard meal with Cloughjordan ingredients, slam poetry, compelling conversations, live acoustic music and DJs to finish. What more could a body and mind ask for!?!

What’s the next step for a local food culture? Can food be a tool to help communities really thrive in uncertain times? And how much fun can we have finding out?

Shared food, words and music are great ways to bring people together – SpeakEATsy is a novel take on these simple ingredients and an impulse to cultivate community. SpeakEATsy has emerged from Cloughjordan Ecovillage, an ecosystem of food innovation in the Irish midlands, where people have chosen to live work and play together.

Join hosts Dr.Oliver Moore and Davie Philip from Cloughjordan, out back in the idiosyncratic aesthetic splendor of Billy Byrnes, for an experience that is far more than the sum of its parts – food, poetry, compelling conversations and music.

SpeakEATsy includes a dedicated meal tailored to theme, with a taste of Cloughjordan and Kilkenny. This includes produce from the multi award winning Riot Rye Bakehouse & Bread School (RAI Cookery School of the Year 2017) and Ireland’s only community owned and operated farm in Cloughjordan.

Peppered throughout the evening slam poets and acoustic musicians bearing their collective hearts – including Cuirt poetry slam winner 2016 Mel White, singer-songwriter Maggie McEntee and local warbling folk wonderboys the Savage Jim Breen.

Stories and compelling conversations will take us deeper into the real essence of the meaning of food and community. We ask – how can we, collectively, through our daily food choices, commit more to our locale and the living world around us? What are the methods trialled in Cloughjordan, how do they work ,and can they be replicated elsewhere? We will hear from local food and sustainability innovators from the Cloughjordan Ecovillage including Julie Lockett of Riot Rye Bakehouse and Bread School, while all manner of food heroes will pop up throughout the night.

Then, dance the evening away to Dastardly Dapper Djs of the Boudoir Session purveying the finest gramophone groovers. That’s two parts 20s swing, one part 50s calypso and a dash of 40s boogie woogie to boot.

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